I'm Back, Mothafuckas

I've been home for a while now, about five weeks. I just finally had my audition to start dancing here. (I got the job.) I'd say stripping, but it really is just dancing naked since stripping implies having some clothes on to start with. Hooray, all nudity all the time!!

I am SO FUCKING EAGER TO GET BACK TO WORK. Yes, that's right, all caps. Stripping is sometimes exhausting and very occasionally demoralizing, but I do love it. I miss like hell getting naked in public. I miss feeling totally glamorous and sexxxxxy. I miss putting on makeup and picking out costumes. I love costumes. I miss that face a customer makes, the rapt attention when I catch his (sometimes her) eye. Yeah, it's eye contact that does it. Not titty contact. God, it's a rush. And such a boost to the ol' self esteem.

I'm working in a peep show (and yes I know this means that if you know San Francisco you can probably figure out where) and it's pretty different from my titty bar experiences at school. Obviously, I guess.

I definitely like that the men are masturbating. It makes it much more of a genuinely exhibitionistic experience for me, a sexual thing rather than a business thing. I get to see them while they're seeing me, so there's some reciprocation. I'm big on reciprocation. It's hot, and I get paid for it to boot!

When I auditioned, there was a man moving from booth to booth, getting different view angles on the girls in the show. If you don't know how a peep show works, watch Boondock Saints to get a clearer picture. (Or just watch it because those men are hot and you get to see some gorgeous bare man ass.)

Most of the windows to the booths are about a foot and a half square, enough to see a customer's head and shoulders. There are, however, two booths with bigger windows. When someone is in one of these two booths, we dancers get a full body shot of the customer when the they feed a dollar into the machine that opens the window.

This particular man went from small window to small window for the ten minutes I was dancing. When I went to dance directly in front of him, practicing my fluid movements with slightly atrophied muscles, I could see his shoulders jerking from his hand below jacking himself off. When I made smiling sexy faces at him, he licked his lips back at me.

Some people I guess would find that gross, but like I said I love reciprocity. His tongue looked soft. After I'd been dancing for some time, he moved into one of the big booths. He was wearing baggy clothes, a trucker hat. Your basic ghetto fabulous wardrobe. He stood sideways to the window so I could see that his cock was sticking out from his unzipped pants. He didn't pull anything down or off, just took his cock out, all bare on its own.

It was the kind of cock I like: average length but thick with a lovely spongy head. I was dancing in front of him, watching him play with it when the woman running my audition stuck her head into the room and called me back out again. I missed him coming, I'm sure messily onto the wall of the booth.

God, I missed dancing.


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