Bad Luck Week

I think this may have been the worst week ever.

I mean, it hasn't been so bad all at once. You know, my mom didn't die; I wasn't hit by a bus or anything. I haven't lost all my money or found out I have cancer. It's just that when you add up what's happened, it's been pretty ridiculous.

First off, my hard drive broke, just in time for finals and a 20 page paper. This has many implications, which I'll mention in a bit.

I caught the flu starting about Sunday and have been pretty deathly ill all week. This includes two days of a fever that wouldn't respond at all to medicine, on one of which I had to take a final. This was *ahem* rather challenging. The other day, Thursday I think, I sat curled up in a ball on my bed half-hallucinating all day and trying to work on the 20-page paper due that day. I thankfully had my sister's computer because she was visiting before break, but it still was oodles of fun.

My fever was down on Friday, so I pulled an all-nighter that night to try and finish the afore-mentioned 20 page paper. (Good idea!) It didn't help that everything I'd written while feverish was pretty much utter crap. I managed to be productive until about 8am, when the fever decided to spike again. I had to abandon ship, which actually just means that I had to pack and get ready for my cab to show up.

Through all of this, it's been snowing fucking buckets. All the flights on Friday and today have been canceled.

So of course my flight yesterday, which would have gotten out right between the storms, was canceled due to a maintenance problem with the plane. I had to spend 5 hours at the airport trying to book another one after a night with no sleep. This meant I didn't have any cough medicine (liquids and gels, they don't make a bottle small enough) so I was hacking up a lung the whole time. FINALLY, I trudged back to my dorm room and took a Tylenol PM to knock myself out around 5:30pm. I did sleep (with breaks) for most of last night and feel slightly better this morning. I'm still awfully sick, though.

What all this means is that I'm stuck at school until Monday with no computer of my own. Everybody I know has left, so not only am I all alone, I can't borrow a computer. During the school year, they will rent out laptops to needy students, but apparently now that finals are over they've stopped doing that. I can't lie in bed and watch movies or TV to recuperate. I can't relax and work on my paper at a leisurely pace, maybe even get it done before I leave.

I'm at our IT center now, on a public computer. I'm going to try to finish my paper, but it's going to be hard to sit up on this hard chair for the period of time that I'll need.

Basically, I just want to go home where my nice, warm, big bed and a brand new hard drive are waiting for me.

I'm moping now, I know, but there is an absurd quality to all of this. Hopefully I'll find it funny in hindsight.

3 comments: said...

That sucks in a pretty singular kind of way. I hope you feel better and finally made it home.

Anonymous said...

When it rains, it's like the fucking Great Flood all over again.

Sorry things are going badly for you lately. They will look up, though.

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon your blog found in quite interesting; please stop by when you have some time! all comments are always welcome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
stay true to what you do~

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