Look at what I've been up to!

I don't really think I need to comment much, but I did find a post at Secret Confessions of a Smart Girl (as I was uploading the picture for my own post!) that sums up my feelings on it perfectly. I've been having a little hetero phase (they happen from time to time, as do lezzie phases) so it's right with my recent mindset.
...Fist your hand in my hair to pull me over your knee. I want you to pull my skirt up to my waist and my panties down to my knees and for the spanking to begin. I want to feel your hand hard against my ass, over and over again. I want to feel that tenting in your trousers as I squirm against them, so I know that what you are doing to me turns you on. Then, as you run your hand over my ass to feel the warmth you’ve created there, I want your fingers to dip lower. I want you to notice the dampness in my cunt so that you know that I am a naughty naughty girl. I want you to brush your fingers across my clit, and then I want you to hit me harder.


Serena Denise said...

OMG! How long will that take to go away? Very sexy post though.

Unknown said...

Haha, a week maybe? Last time with R it took a little less than that, but this time it's a little more, uh, impressive.

Myca said...

Oh yay! Did he use an open hand or a paddle?


Unknown said...

Just a hand. He has huge hands, though. :-)

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