Internet Goddesses and Gods

Every time I click through to my Google feed reader, I end up browsing the internet for hours and hours on end. It is an inevitable fact of my life. Not only are all the essays and journals and stories and pictures on all the blogs I read interesting in and of themselves, they all link to other equally interesting essays, articles, sites, photos, and whatever. It's a never-ending link cycle.

I love this about blogs.

And it drives me crazy. I want to keep up with all the blogs I like. I really do. It's so hard, though, when I know that even just clicking the mouse that one little time will cause me to spend the next few hours of my life staring at a computer screen. It's always fun and fruitful, but I also always have other things that real life tells me I should be doing.

Then there are the Mega Blogs. You know, those blogs that always seem to be linking to something new and interesting. Yes, if I click on my reader at all, I'll end up on the internet forever. There are certain blogs, though, which I know will distract me even more. Eat the entire day if I let them. There's always tons of good stuff on these blogs. You must know a few like this. The authors seem to be on top of everything that happens in cyberland and they're always finding awesome sites to link to and talk about. They debate topics that are current in the blogosphere. They comment on everyone's blogs.

I am in total awe of these people. Audacia Ray. Violet Blue. Amber Rhea. Viviane. Renegade Evolution. And yeah, all those people are a bit specific to the sex blog-o-sphere and feminism and the like, but hey, it's me. What do you expect?

I wish I were able to as on top of the internet shit as they are. I can barely even manage to blog as often as I do. There's too much online and in the real world. I have no idea how to spread out my attention and get everything done that I want to.


On living, loving, learning, and fucking with the materials I've got at hand.

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