Tuesday Review: Wristcutters - A Love Story

I saw Wristcutters a couple of weeks ago, and I've been meaning to write about it. I figured what better time than on Tuesday, for my weekly review!

Wristcutters is a movie about people who have committed suicide. The premise is that when you kill yourself, you go to a world that's just like the real one but a just a little worse. Nobody can smile, there's not much to do, and everybody bears the scars of their suicides. When I heard the premise, I was excited for the film, and it definitely lives up to its concept.

They tell you in the title of the film that it's a love story, and I'd even go a step further to call it a romantic comedy. But it's a black comedy: the story wryly plays with the misfortune of suicidal people. Okay, maybe that sounds bad, but I think it brings a much-needed sense of humor to "offing," as they call it in the film. It seems like everyone I know is confessing to suicidal thoughts lately, so it was nice to see something that made light of a serious thing.

It was a classic film in a lot of ways: the main character, a wrist cutter named Zia, kills himself over a girl and then goes on a road trip to find her when he discovers that she's killed herself, too. He finds friends, romance, and adventure while he's looking for the girl. Classic bildungsroman travel film.

It's well done, though, with good acting and a great script. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a little heart warming with a dose of biting humor. I'll be adding it to my DVD collection soon.

Here's a trailer:


Dee said...

Hmm. I'm not sure that I'll ever watch this (suicide hits way too close to home, as my mum killed herself 9 years ago). But I am pleased to see Shannon Sossamon getting more work - I saw her in '40 Days and 40 Nights' and have crushed on her ever since :)

xx Dee

Unknown said...

I'm sorry about your mother. I know that means so little in black and white here on a screen, but sometimes the little things matter.

I love Shannon Sossamon, too. How could you not have a crush on her after seeing 40 Days and 40 Nights? This movie definitely reinforced my feelings for her.

Dee said...

Thank you hon. It's been a long while, and for the most part I'm over it. But I know better than to deliberately push the few buttons that are left.

I think it's her lips. Shannon Sossamon's, I mean. And her attitude. She's just delicious!

xx Dee

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