Bad Luck Week

I think this may have been the worst week ever.

I mean, it hasn't been so bad all at once. You know, my mom didn't die; I wasn't hit by a bus or anything. I haven't lost all my money or found out I have cancer. It's just that when you add up what's happened, it's been pretty ridiculous.

First off, my hard drive broke, just in time for finals and a 20 page paper. This has many implications, which I'll mention in a bit.

I caught the flu starting about Sunday and have been pretty deathly ill all week. This includes two days of a fever that wouldn't respond at all to medicine, on one of which I had to take a final. This was *ahem* rather challenging. The other day, Thursday I think, I sat curled up in a ball on my bed half-hallucinating all day and trying to work on the 20-page paper due that day. I thankfully had my sister's computer because she was visiting before break, but it still was oodles of fun.

My fever was down on Friday, so I pulled an all-nighter that night to try and finish the afore-mentioned 20 page paper. (Good idea!) It didn't help that everything I'd written while feverish was pretty much utter crap. I managed to be productive until about 8am, when the fever decided to spike again. I had to abandon ship, which actually just means that I had to pack and get ready for my cab to show up.

Through all of this, it's been snowing fucking buckets. All the flights on Friday and today have been canceled.

So of course my flight yesterday, which would have gotten out right between the storms, was canceled due to a maintenance problem with the plane. I had to spend 5 hours at the airport trying to book another one after a night with no sleep. This meant I didn't have any cough medicine (liquids and gels, they don't make a bottle small enough) so I was hacking up a lung the whole time. FINALLY, I trudged back to my dorm room and took a Tylenol PM to knock myself out around 5:30pm. I did sleep (with breaks) for most of last night and feel slightly better this morning. I'm still awfully sick, though.

What all this means is that I'm stuck at school until Monday with no computer of my own. Everybody I know has left, so not only am I all alone, I can't borrow a computer. During the school year, they will rent out laptops to needy students, but apparently now that finals are over they've stopped doing that. I can't lie in bed and watch movies or TV to recuperate. I can't relax and work on my paper at a leisurely pace, maybe even get it done before I leave.

I'm at our IT center now, on a public computer. I'm going to try to finish my paper, but it's going to be hard to sit up on this hard chair for the period of time that I'll need.

Basically, I just want to go home where my nice, warm, big bed and a brand new hard drive are waiting for me.

I'm moping now, I know, but there is an absurd quality to all of this. Hopefully I'll find it funny in hindsight.

Why I Am Sick: The Liz Game

The Liz Game is played with cards and at least four players, although you can add as many as you want depending on the desired outcome of the game. In a round, you go around the circle with the deck and each draw a card in turn until the deck is finished.

There are 6 rules:

1. If you draw a face card (Jack, Queen, King, 0r Ace), you must take off one article of clothing. Socks count as one article together, as do shoes. Jewelry doesn't count as clothing.

2. If you draw a black card that isn't a face card, you must drink.

3. If you draw a red card that isn't a face card, you have to make out with someone of your choice in the circle.

4. After you make out with someone for the first time, if you choose them again you must "escalate" your making out. If you pecked on the lips the first time, the second time you use tongue, and the third time you grope each other a bit, etc. This means that if you don't want to get too hot and heavy, you're going to have to pick different people in the circle for each red card turn. If there aren't that many people playing, well, you have a pre-packaged orgy!

5. No spectators allowed. Either play or leave the room. (This is negotiable depending on the desires of those playing. If you like being watched, hey go ahead.)

6. After every round (if you aren't already all having sex and decide to play another one), each player is allowed to put on one article of clothing. Your "make out escalation levels" with each person stay the same in new rounds. You can keep playing for as long as you want.

As I'm sure you can imagine, the fewer players you have, the faster it becomes an orgy. With 4-8 people, you don't have that many make out partners to choose from, so you'll be escalating fairly quickly. You'll also lose more clothing, as there are fewer of you to draw the face cards.

On Saturday night, I played this game with about 12 near strangers at a house party. There was a lovely gender balance: 4 women and 8 or so men. I got to see lots of man make outs! It didn't turn into an orgy (there were too many of us), but it was great fun. However, this meant that I ended up kissing 12 near strangers, with various levels of saliva swapping.

That, my friends, is why I am sick. Oh, well.

Don't Watch This if You're a Hypochondriac and Have the Flu

You know, I have the flu. I guess it's better than a brain worm. But at least then I'd have a new friend! Do you think you can keep creepy parasite worms in jars as pets?

Via The Trouble with Spikol, where Liz Spikol and her trusty intern Becca Trabin always have interesting things to say about the brain, mental illness, and cute animals.

The Two Fs of DOOM: Finals and the Flu

So I'm nearing the end of finals, but I've caught the flu. I guess that's what I get for going to a party and playing a drinking game with 12 near strangers that involved getting naked and making out. Stupid germs, why would you want to go and corrupt something as nice as lots and lots of kissing?

I'm working on the first semester rough draft of my thesis, and I've got about a million and one things to say about porn and stripping and my sex life and everything else. I'm so freaking tired, though, from this blasted illness and too much studying that all I can bring myself to do is loll in bed.

Of course, normally this would mean that my internet presence would increase exponentially. However, my hard drive is broken.

Yep, in addition to happy finals and happy illness, I dropped my happy computer and the hard drive happily broke. I've been able to get some of my files, but until the replacement hard drive comes, I'm sans computer. I'm typing this now on my friend's briefly borrowed laptop.

Sooooo, I know I've been shit at the posting for the last little while, but I promise I'll get caught up. I've got something like four half-finished entries and I definitely have some new things to bring up about porn and stripping in general. I'll be interested to see what you think.

More coming, I promise!


Want, want, want.

Procrastination is Like Masturbation... the end you're just fucking yourself.

To Do List in the Next Week and a Half
5 Physics of Music Labs

8.5 Physics of Music Lab Reports

2 Lab final projects with presentations

1 Final exam

1 Non-cumulative last test

3 Response papers

20 pages of rough draft for my honors thesis
I'm not going crazy, I swear! NOT. GOING. CRAZY.

Argh! School and Finals

Hey, just so you all know, I'm in the throes of final projects and papers and tests and general school awfullness so I'm not going to be posting much if at all for the next week or two.

Things should calm down somewhat a week from today (when I have two projects due and one of the classes I'm behind in ends), but until then it'll be my personal brand of everyday hell. I seem to do this every semester, but hey, I guess I'm a procrastinator.

I promise I'll have more (hopefully interesting) things to say when this is all over with. I've got a great story from my Thanksgiving break and some new thoughts about stripping to share. First thing's first: pass Physics!
On living, loving, learning, and fucking with the materials I've got at hand.

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