The Two Fs of DOOM: Finals and the Flu

So I'm nearing the end of finals, but I've caught the flu. I guess that's what I get for going to a party and playing a drinking game with 12 near strangers that involved getting naked and making out. Stupid germs, why would you want to go and corrupt something as nice as lots and lots of kissing?

I'm working on the first semester rough draft of my thesis, and I've got about a million and one things to say about porn and stripping and my sex life and everything else. I'm so freaking tired, though, from this blasted illness and too much studying that all I can bring myself to do is loll in bed.

Of course, normally this would mean that my internet presence would increase exponentially. However, my hard drive is broken.

Yep, in addition to happy finals and happy illness, I dropped my happy computer and the hard drive happily broke. I've been able to get some of my files, but until the replacement hard drive comes, I'm sans computer. I'm typing this now on my friend's briefly borrowed laptop.

Sooooo, I know I've been shit at the posting for the last little while, but I promise I'll get caught up. I've got something like four half-finished entries and I definitely have some new things to bring up about porn and stripping in general. I'll be interested to see what you think.

More coming, I promise!


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