We Have to Stop Now

I've been fairly religiously watching the new web series We Have to Stop Now. It's about lesbians and therapy and is hilarious. It's on Jill Bennet's website, and I hope you'll check it out. The episodes are fairly short, and well worth watching.

Here's episode 1:

We Have To Stop Now: Pilot Episode from DynaKit Productions on Vimeo.

I've watched a few of Jill Bennet's other videos; she's got a vlog series called The Violet Underground. While I did really like We Have to Stop Now, I was a little saddened at the interview Bennet did where she and Dalila Ali Rajah discuss bisexuality. It was clear they were coming from a good place of trying to understand, but it was also hard to see them blithely trotting out a lot of the stereotypes.

That said, please check out and support We Have to Stop Now. I agree with Bennet that it's important to have media representations of all kinds of people and lives, and we can support those online.


Brianna J said...

Have you watched "We're Getting Nowhere", Jill Bennett's previous vlog? (It's on afterellen.com) It's a lot better than The Violet Underground - WGN was a silly entertainment vlog, and Jill is much better at silly than at serious!

I agree, by the way - the bisexuality episode was very... clueless, if you will. I really wished they had done more research, and thought about it a bit more before shooting that. I do think that they had good intentions, but it came off as confused and stereotypical.

Unknown said...

I hadn't watched it (the videos are a little slow to load on my school connection) but I certainly will now.

I'm not mad about the bisexuality episode or anything, just a little sad that people who do seem to mean well are still so persuaded by the stereotypes.

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