Uh Oh

So, I'm moving to NYC tomorrow, and I no longer have anyplace to stay while I apartment hunt.

I was planning to crash with a friend of mine for a few nights, but he just had a family emergency and had to take off. He was already going to be moving away at the end of the week, so he's giving up his place and I can't stay.

Therefore, if you are a New York City (especially Brooklyn) person and have a couch I can sleep on, I will be your new best friend. I know it's sketchy to be asking over the internet, but I'm in sort of dire straits as I've got a plane flight tomorrow and no idea where I'll be headed to when I leave the gate.

I'll be stalking the interwebs for the next day or so, watching my inbox feverishly, so if you can help me out (or know someone who can) please leave a comment here. We'll be BFFs. Instantly.


Myca said...

I left a message on your phone, but Kira says that you're welcome to stay with her tomorrow night ... check your phone or call me for details.


BrimstoneHill said...

I actually do have a friend who has a sublet she's offering for 500 bucks; if you're still in need, just drop me a line at theiksmith@gmail.com. I do hope you're doing alright.

Red said...

Can't help ya, but good luck.

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