I have been suffering from the lack of motivation that I usually feel throughout the winter. I've got the whole cranky-mood, not-having-sex-because-it-doesn't-seem-like-a-good-idea-when-I'm-emotionally-needy, fighting-with-my-roommate thing going on.

I was hoping that being outside for four hours every day, as I am when canvassing, would help with the the seasonal affective thing. They say, after all, that it's partly caused by a lack of exposure to the sun because people stay inside during the winter. That clearly doesn't apply to me, but I'm still feeling the winter blues.

I'm praying that I'll start to feel more comfortable in this city and work out my shit with my roomie and eventually feel comfortable getting some. Maybe soon. Either that, or I'll just move back to the Bay Area. But all things considered I'm just applying to grad school and waiting 'til the sun comes out to make my decision. And there you go.


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