Contrite, Contrite

So this is an extremely rapid-fire post from work to just prostrate myself a little bit for not posting. I spilled water on my computer and effectively killed it about a week and a half ago; until I get used to the idea of making blog posts on my iphone, I probably won't be posting much for a while.

I've also been blindingly busy with new jobs (two sex toy shops!), more independent domming clients (yay money and entertainment!), and slowly getting my life together here. I'm maybe, really this time, settling into New York and starting to feel safer here. Which is kinda nice. It also just didn't leave me much energy for writing.

So I'm going to try and do better in the coming months, at least after I figure out some computer solution. And I'll make sure there are spankings in my future for being such a bad blogger. Oh, dear!
On living, loving, learning, and fucking with the materials I've got at hand.

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