This Week In Priceless Online Dating Messages

To contextualize this note, you should all know that I'm 6'1 and say so on my OkCupid profile. This provokes, occasionally, some interesting responses. For instance:
so sorry if this question is a little forward and this is totally not a pass at you (though i do find you very attractive) but have you ever had sex with a man who was shorter than you? say my height? (5'8")
My reply?


Which is actually a lie, but can you blame me? It was just too easy. And it wasn't a pass at me after all, right? *snort*


Fiona said...

At least you don't lie about your height... There's plenty of so-called 5'11 women out there who forgot about the extra inch or so to tip them to 6' :p

Curious said...

Lol you know whats ironic, I'm on the other side of the scale and maybe equally offended when people ask me "So don't mind me asking, but how tall are you"


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