Why I'll Never Be an Adult

I know this webcomic by blogger Allie has been making the rounds, since it's so applicable to just about everyone I know. (At least those who are nearish to my age or in my generation as a whole.)

But I wanted to mention it again, because it's just so awesome. This graph

largely explains the weird, large gaps in posting here. I mean, it's depression-related. But this cycle is something that I definitely feel. I'd love to post every day. I'd love to do my laundry every week or two weeks so I don't get the bajillion-pound pile that's now sitting in my room and staring at me as it waits to be carried to the laundromat. I'd love to remember to check in with all my close friends who are near and far on a frequent-enough basis. I'd like to clean ALL the things.

I wonder if everybody has some set of basic chores or interesting tasks that are beyond them to do. I know that most people I've talked to seem to. And from the response to the full webcomic, it seems the internet is full of folks who do. What about you?


Anonymous said...

I certainly can still relate to this comic but it's not as bad for me as it used to be.

About ten years ago I read a book called _Overcoming Procrastination_ by Ellis and Knaus. My house is still a mess but it's a conscious choice to do other things and I don't feel as guilty about it. Things still nag at me. I'm supposed to do everything but that isn't realistic so I prioritize and do what seems most important.

A program called "Life Balance" helps me get things out of my head and be reminded of them when I might want to do them. It can also help balance how much attention you pay to different areas of your life.

The book _Getting Things Done_ by David Allen is quite popular and along the same lines. Free your mind of all the clutter so you can be fully present to choosing the next task and giving it your all.

So while there are always choices to be made between pursuing an interesting threesome or buying that plane ticket to New Zealand, if you accept life's realities and keep working at the things of most value to you, it is possible to let go of the guilt and get some more things done.

Personally I burnt myself out but it was worth it and I am enjoying the process of nursing myself back to life. Things never get perfect but they do get better.

Life is amazing when you open yourself up to the possibilities, have a little courage and mostly get out of your own way. You do a far better job of that than most. Maybe you need to smooth out the bumps a little and find some more balance in taking care of basics.

But in the larger scheme of things you are exploring healthy sexual possibilities and reporting back what you find so that other people can increase their pleasure, heal their shame and avoid some of the pitfalls. It's a beautiful therapeutic niche that is very important to building a healthier society. Quite brave. I would say you are one of the more adult people I know.

So yeah you could get a little more organized about chores, friends, taking care of yourself, etc. so that you can keep on keeping on, but give yourself a big hug for all the great things you have done and maybe you can smile a little while you do the laundry or postpone it.

On living, loving, learning, and fucking with the materials I've got at hand.

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