This is a very brief post to note that, in addition to my recently very busy social life, I'm moving across town and therefore spending every waking minute either packing, making a subway run up to the new place with full suitcases, cleaning one or the other of the apartments, or trying to get some sleep.

Which is why I haven't posted here in a bit. I've got lots to write about, many thoughts about things that are happening in my life and the world at large, but hardly a free second in which to actually sit and write them.

When I'm done moving (give it another week, maybe?) expect a couple of fun sex toy review posts, some thoughts on Dark Odyssey, new insights on sacred spirituality, discussions of roommate boundaries and personal responsibility, and maybe an update or two on my kink life.

In other news, my cat is standing on the bit of the toilet seat behind me while I'm peeing. Cats are weird.
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