Random Reaction to Class: Penis Envy

So I know that Freudian theory is pretty much out of fashion these days, and it's considered archaic and "nobody pays any attention to it anymore," but of course we're still studying it in school. It's the background for anything to do with any kind of psychological theory, and as such I think what it said still has an effect on what we think.

That said, I absolutely hate the idea of penis envy. I do not have penis envy. Penis envy makes me angry. "Oh, no, boys have a penis and I don't have a penis, so I am Lacking and I am sad!" Um, no.

I HAVE a vagina, and a clitoris, and lips, and moisture. I HAVE multiple orgasms and as they say in the Vagina Monologues "twice, twice, TWICE the number of nerve endings in the penis." I HAVE genitals of my own. I don't need a penis. Hell, I think a lot of guys have pussy envy.

That is all.


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