Why I Like to Fuck in Public

I'm a huge fan of public sex.

Now, I am an exhibitionist in many ways. Obviously I'm a stripper, and part of that for me is that I like people looking at me naked. I've had unusual amounts of single-partner sex with someone else randomly on the bed, just kind of watching (or pretending not to). I really, really like group sex, for many reasons which include that I like being watched while I fuck. All of these things, though, are different than "public" sex.

I love fucking in strange places, out in the open as much as I can be without actually getting caught. I have no desire to impose the view of me having sex on people who don't want to see it. That's not consensual and has nothing to do with why the whole public thing gets me off.

I really don't think it's the thrill of maybe getting caught that does it for me at all. I'm actually very careful about how I do "public" sex. I make sure I'm in a place where I know someone won't walk in, or if they do that they won't know what I'm doing. I don't want to be discovered.

I've masturbated in a school office, but with the tricky door locked and all my clothes on. I've had sex outside next to a well-trafficked foot path, but underneath such a huge skirt that nobody walking by could tell I was doing anything but sitting on my guy's lap. We had a long view to either side, and just didn't move while people passed us. I've had sex on an elementary school playground, but in the middle of the night when nobody was around.

It's much more about the juxtaposition of the normal around me with what's going on in my pants. The fact that I can hear or see other people going about their day while I'm in the throes of sex makes me really hot. The vast difference between what I'm feeling and what everyone around me is seeing makes the sensations seem even more exciting and intense.

I also, of course, really like the idea of being bad, of breaking a taboo right in front of people's faces and without giving them a clue. This is where being seen is something I desire, but not in the sense that someone would know what's going on. I just like to pull one over, to be a bit naughty, in public but in secret.

It's those kinds of contrasts that really get me off, however they play out. Between the public and the private, the masculine and feminine, the dominant and submissive. I love fucking (literally) with the way things seem or the way they're supposed to be.

Thanks to Greta Christina for getting me thinking about this.


Jessica said...

I tend to find that whenever my boyfriend and I decide to have sex anywhere aside from the usual places... it rains :P

Unknown said...

Haha, oh no, bad luck! I suppose that's the benefit of living in Northern California during the summer, when it never rains.

jennifer said...

I love public places too. I mean I LOVE public places. I love the possibility of getting caught or getting watched.

My biggest fantasy is figuring out how to have sex in a photo booth at a mall, but I think that's way too public.

My favorite public experience was about 5 1/2 years ago when the guy I was dating and I went swimming in a hotel pool in the middle of the night. We started having sex in the pool with his drunk best friend swimming around naked on the other side of the pool. And three guys in their 50s or 60s were standing on the second floor of the hotel watching us.

Myca said...

My favorite public sex spot is on a big slanted boulder just above a hiking trail up in Occidental. It's kind of shielded by trees, so you can see the trail pretty clearly, but it's harder for the folks on the trail to see you. It's really lovely. Sunlight and moss and bay trees and fucking. Yum!

I think that my only conflict when it comes to public sex has to do with being really careful about not making other people into nonconsensual voyeurs, so I don't want to screw somewhere where I'd be easily seen accidentally. I'm fine with people 'investigating' though ... if they follow the noises, they get what's coming to 'em.


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