I've had so much to write about in the last few months that I couldn't quite bring myself to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

I started to write about what a huge transition this has been, this moving to New York, this being an adult, this not getting into the graduate school I want, this falling in love with and then fighting with and then being good friends again with my roommate, this beginning and yet again swift end of another relationship, this new therapist, this decision to finally look into antidepressants, this foray more deeply into the BDSM community, this missing my life in the queer community. I started to write about it all a billion times and none of it ever came close to being a post here.

Not writing, though, is very bad for me. In therapy every week, I feel at the end of the session like I've got miles more of words in my head that need an outlet, but there's never enough time. That outlet has always been what this blog is about, a place to put my extra words, an incentive to keep writing, and a body of work.

So here I am, coming back to it once again. And I'm going to be structured about it this time. I wrote every day for a couple of months in 2008. I won't accomplish that again (life in New York and as a grown up with shit to do is too busy for that), but if you still read here you'll start seeing updates again twice a week. For real this time, because it's something I need to do.


On living, loving, learning, and fucking with the materials I've got at hand.

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