Basix Dildo

The folks at were nice enough to ask me to review a product for their site, and sent me the Basix Rubber Works Suction Cup Dong. This cock is big, translucent, and purple. I've had it on my nightstand for a couple of weeks and it rivals the size of my bedside lamp, which is fun when I've got unexpected guests.

This dong, along with the rest of the Basix line, is made of rubber. That's not jelly rubber, so it doesn't have phthalates in it, but it wouldn't be a good pick for those of you with a latex allergy. It's also porous, so if you're going to share this between partners or are just generally concerned with cleanliness, I'd throw a condom on it before use. I personally prefer silicone dildos almost exclusively, but for the size and price of this baby the rubber is a reasonable compromise. It doesn't smell or taste bad, which is a plus.

As for orgasm-producing abilities, this toy is great if you're into size. I like having something to reach for when my Pure Wand isn't enough, so it's good to have around as an option. Because it's thick, it might be the kind of thing you want to work up to. I'll use a few fingers or a different dildo to start with, and definitely use lube.

One major quibble I have with this dildo is that it's not really strap-on harness compatible. My boyfriend can and might like to take something of this size up the butt, but I can't really strap it on because of both the size of the balls (big) and the suction cup at the base. I personally have no use for this suction cup, but if you're into humping the wall or the bathtub then you might like it.

Bottom line: it's a perfectly good dildo with a nice size and shape, but I'd prefer one made of silicone and that was strap-on compatible.
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