Growing Up?

It is the very weirdest thing to be getting near the age some of my teachers were when I was in high school.

I was listening to an old CD from my high school choir tonight and feeling nostalgic about the great teacher I had. He was young, we were his first choir, he was passionate and a good teacher and we did very well as a result. So I looked him up on facebook.

He left my high school a year after I did and just finished getting his Master's degree. I plan on starting my Master's degree in just over a year. I thought back and realized he was 23 when I first had him as a teacher. That's only two years older than I am now.

This is trippy. I mean, I've slept with people who are as old as he is now. Not that I'd ever want to sleep with him; he's kinda floppy, and just not my type. But there are Facebook pictures of him with a girlfriend or whatever. Partying. Etc. It's just like the kinds of things I do now.

I'm at this weird point where I'm starting to interact with adults like I'm one of them. You know, we have things in common, we can talk like equals. I can work for them, work with them, sometimes they even work for me. It's just very odd. And also pretty cool.

I feel like I'm standing right smack on this line between being a kid and being a "grown up." Not like "Oh, I suddenly know everything because I'm an adult!" I think everyone is really a child in the face of everything there is to know and learn in the world. I just feel more adult in the way people see me, the way my interactions with strangers have changed. It's kind of nice.


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