Let's Talk About Sex?

I've been porn shopping, again, because my birthday is coming up and if people are going to give me presents, they might as well be X-rated.

The weird, very weird, thing is that I run across a lot of my boss's porn. I mean, yeah, I've known all along that she does porn. She's also got an obvious sex appeal and a lot of what we do at the gallery is based around sexuality. It's just a little funny to read the descriptions of her as product, as sex object and submissive on these porn sales sites. She tries to be very professional at work, and it's a whole different side of things.

I'm a part of the sex industry, through the stripping, and I'm getting more and more used to the idea of sex as a product and a performance. It still makes me smirk and feel a little funny when I see someone's personal attributes quantified for a price. I don't know, it's kind of nice to know people who work in porn and to know them in the context of real life as opposed to just as their porno characters, their sales pitch personae. It's a good reminder that people can be many things at once, even when they seem to contrast.

I think it's mostly weird because people so carefully avoid talking about actual sex and real desire in professional or polite company. It still happens in the sexuality world, which is odd. Yes, we talk about sex in an intellectual and political way and we work a lot with sexual themes or objects or films. It still doesn't seem, though, like people express anything genuinely sexual unless they're mid-act or about to be.

I don't have any conclusions to make about this, but it's a strange observation.


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