I Am a Ridiculous Individual

I just narrowly avoided accidentally having two guys I wanted to fool around with show up in my room at the same time. You know, simultaneous rendezvous.

It was an accident. My friend C had inquired as to my plans for the night and I'd invited him to hang out. He and I hooked up a couple times casually (read: drunk). We've been inching our way closer to sex again for the last few weeks.

The slow pace isn't my usual thing, especially since we've already done the whole sex thing, but I'm liking it. We cuddled and talked for hours the other week and it was lovely. I've been friends with C for years, and while it was weird at first to get sexually involved with him, I really enjoy the time we spend together. I was looking forward to pursuing it more.

He didn't respond, though, to my text telling him I was free and in my room. He'd said he wanted to hang out, but I thought maybe he got sidetracked or was busy. (It happens to the best of us.)

So then I got an instant message from this other fellow, A, who I hooked up with once maybe a month ago. He is in a fraternity, which I find funny, but he's pretty interesting and definitely cute. He's not shy talking in general and about sex, which I like. He asked what I was up to tonight and since I hadn't heard back from C, I invited him over. He said he'd be at my room in a half hour.

Five minutes later, I got a text message from C saying he was on his way to my room.

I had a brief moment of alarm. I would have preferred to see C, but had no easy way to blow off A since he was very definitely coming and was no longer online. I have his phone number, but that would have been either a very awkward conversation or a very rude text message. Since C and I were already friends, I figured I could text him to postpone, see him tomorrow, and it would all be fine.

Two hours later I'm pretty satiated and very much looking forward to tomorrow, when I get to see C. Which is why I am a ridiculous individual.

Lord knows either of said gentlemen could read this post and be miffed, but I'm hoping for the best. Everybody knows I don't do monogamy...it might be time to have a chat and disclose to C just how little monogamy I do, so there are no surprises.


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