Nearly-Anonymous Sex?

I've been really wanting to fuck someone I don't know very well. Just for fun.

I want that dirty sex, the kind that feels a little tense, maybe removed, where the release is more psychological than physical. I'm frustrated by my usual restraint; I want to break it down, push it through, fuck it.

It's been a really long time since I've had this urge; maybe since my freshman year. These days it's so easy for me to have friendly, gleeful sex that I haven't tapped into that part of me that's influenced by the taboo, by what I used to call the "dark side" of sex. I'm not entirely sure what's brought it on.

This kind of urge, for me, is usually directed towards men. I guess it's easier to engineer casual sex with them, but I think it has more to do with why I feel this way in the first place. I want to exercise and exorcise something I feel is going on with my gender and the men around me.

I don't know whether I'll actually act on it. There are very specific circumstances in which I feel comfortable with casual sex, and they all involve mutual respect and a very clear understanding (as much as I can ensure those things after a brief acquaintance). Unless I can find someone in my upstate NY city who can respectfully negotiate disrespectful sex, I can't really see it happening. We shall see, though. Maybe the blow job queen is back for a limited engagement.


jennifer said...

"Maybe the blow job queen is back for a limited engagement."

I love how you put things sometimes. I haven't had "dirty" sex since October, and I'm dying for it. I have a trouble breaking down my restraints and just going for the crazy stuff. Right now I think I'd settle for just normal, non-interesting sex. I haven't had sex since Christmas Day

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