Bodies and Sex

I’m reading a really great account of sex by a post-operative transsexual woman, and I just thought of something. This is pure speculation based on my understanding of Male to Female surgical procedures, which is limited and could definitely be wrong. But it’s a thought.

They cut the glans of the penis off and put it where the glans of the clitoris goes. (And, it seems do a second procedure to make it look like a clitoris.) They turn the shaft of the penis inside out and fashion it into a vagina. I don’t know how they deal with muscles, or the bulb of the penis or creating labia or any of that. But think about the process I’ve described for one second:

The penis (glans, shaft, bulb, etc) corresponds to the entire body of the clitoris (glans, legs, bulb, etc). Most of the body of the clitoris is inside the body, under the skin, and relatively hard to access. The vagina is not as enervated as the body of the clitoris. For most women, stimulation of the vagina cannot cause orgasm.

For a transsexual woman, her vagina is essentially a part of her clitoris. (Trans vagina=shaft of penis=legs of clitoris.) She experiences vaginal penetration much the way we experience clitoral stimulation. Her WHOLE vagina is her g-spot, since I think we can safely assume at this point that the g-spot exists because of the internal structures of the clitoris.

I bet that transsexual women who’ve had successful and skillful operations experience vaginal intercourse on an entirely different and probably more pleasurable level than most chromosomal women.

How cool is that?

Man, I wish I could switch bodies with a whole variety of people for a day or a week. What would sex feel like for a trans man? For any of the different kinds of intersexed people? For a man? For people of different ages? For someone with breast implants? For another woman with a different female body than mine? It would be so interesting.


Rex Venom said...

Interesting stuff! More to think about, now.
And, regarding the post below; Asia Argento is Sexxxy!
Rock on!

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